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At Tiny Art Stories, we believe in the transformative power of art to bring joy and healing, and are committed to providing workshops that help individuals of all backgrounds and abilities benefit from the therapeutic benefits of creative expression.

Welcome, and thank you for stopping by to view my art and learn more about our healing workshops.

Tiny Art Stories was founded in 2020 during the pandemic, a time of broad isolation in which people needed and craved connection. I spent a great deal of time working through the uncertainty and unease by creating art, and felt strongly about the healing power of art as a modality to work through difficult times. Later, I held small art gatherings in my home— each of us in our own six foot space— creating, being, connecting. I attended similar gatherings in other artist’s space and felt the anxiety of the world situation slip away, if only for the evening. This “medicine” worked. I allowed more time for it, and added more small gatherings in my home. From these gatherings grew what Tiny Art Stories is today.

Tiny Art Stories facilitates Art as Therapy workshops in person and virtually to help individuals heal, grow, and connect to their deeper selves through art. 

Workshops are crafted for various populations: individuals who are looking for self-care or simply an afternoon of relaxing creativity; individuals and groups working through grief, loss, and large life transitions; those who suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mental disorders; those in recovery from drugs and alcohol; over burdened and taxed professionals in the work setting who need a wellness recharge; and the elderly population for enrichment and delight. Workshops are tailored to suit the needs of the groups served.

There is no art experience or training needed. Just the willingness to show up and allow your incredibly unique and creative side to play. Come and be surprised! We tell stories with every brushstroke – using acrylics, watercolors, markers, mixed media, graphite, pens, inks and found art.

Please drop me a line, feel free to ask questions! Sign up for my occasional newsletter with advance notice of new workshops, events, and pieces available for purchase. I’d love to hear from you.

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If you are interested in custom artwork, I am available for commissioned artwork on a limited basis, creating original art with colors and elements of your choosing.

I’d love to discuss your signature piece for your home. Please reach out through my contact form.

Below are some of my personal pieces I have made as I too learn about myself. Art is a never ending process of discovery. Each piece I create is made with an open heart. Part of creating art is allowing for the piece to have life and energy of its own. The result is emotional: sometimes joyous, sometimes serene, other times it reconciles a loss of a loved one, helps us to work through and process grief, or evokes pure whimsy.

A Glimpse of My World Through My Art

My portfolio is a testament to life’s diverse beauty, capturing everything from the serene gifts of nature, to the soulful gaze of beloved pets. This is a never ending work in progress! When you browse my gallery, I hope you enjoy and find one (or two) that speak to your own heart.


Portfolio Categories

Commissions11 designs

Where I bring YOUR visions to life.

Monterey Bay California Coast
Zuko – closeup
Pumpkin Muffin

Landscape10 designs

From serene farms to tranquil seas.

Monterey Bay California Coast
Autumn on the Cove
Windswept Marsh
Johnny 3 – Reflection
Johnny 2 – Consideration
Sunset at Waters Edge
Hobbs Barn
Johnny 1 – Investigation

Birds8 designs

Symbols of freedom and grace

Robin in Autumn
Happy Bluebird
Robin in Summertime
Robin in Springtime
Pedro the Penguin
Nesting Baby Wren

Farm Animals5 designs

Playful spirits of the countryside.

Mama Mabel
Fern the Lamb
Elvis the Rooster
Jumping for Joy
Sweetest Little Piggy

Florals4 designs

Blooms of imagination.

Cornflower Blue Sunflower
Tulips In Bloom – Triptych
Japanese Poppies

Other Animals5 designs

A whimsical gathering of creatures.

Coco the Christmas Chicken
Greta the Giraffe #2
Fancy Fish
Gus the Magnificent Tortoise

Custom Pet Portraits

Interested in a pet portrait? Please reach out and let’s talk about creating a lasting memory of your special friend. Available in a large variety of sizes and mediums (including mixed media!). Let me transform your cherished memories of your pets into timeless art. My custom portraits capture more than a likeness; they are celebrations of personality, affection, and the irreplaceable role pets play in our lives.


Inspiration for Your Daily Life

Art doesn’t just belong on walls. Art belongs everywhere – from your phone case, to a pillow on your sofa, and even on pajamas. From home decor that adds a touch of beauty to your space to wearable art that shares a story, discover how art can uplift and inspire your daily life. Explore my shop for pieces that bring the essence of Tiny Art Stories into your world.

Popular Product Categories

Art Workshops: A Journey of Healing and Discovery

Experience the therapeutic power of art through my workshops. Whether seeking a creative outlet or navigating life’s many challenges, these sessions offer a space to explore, heal, and grow through the medium of art.

Special attention is given to workshops designed for individuals in addiction recovery, those with PTSD, and individuals with a dual diagnosis, providing a nurturing environment to explore art as a powerful tool for healing and self-expression.

Upcoming Artistic Adventures

Are you ready to embark on your creative journey? Check out my upcoming workshops and find the perfect session to start your artistic exploration, no matter your skill level.

For Individuals   For those in Recovery