Celebrate Your Pet's Spirit with Art - Limited Time Offer!

Capture the essence of your beloved pet in watercolor, acrylic, or graphite

Welcome to Tiny Art Stories, where every brush stroke tells a tale of love, companionship, and unforgettable moments. I'm Wendie, the artist behind the canvas, dedicated to bringing the spirit of your cherished pet to life. For those who believe in preserving memories in the most beautiful way, I'm here to make that happen.

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Finn the Beagle

Special Offer: 10% Off Custom Pet Portraits - only 6 Spots Available!

The perfect opportunity to immortalize your pet with a portrait that reflects their unique personality and the special bond you share. Any size, any medium, crafted with love and attention to detail that only someone who truly understands the connection between pets and their families can provide.

Why Choose a Custom Pet Portrait?


Capture the Spirit

Each portrait is more than just a picture; it's a window to the soul of your pet, capturing their essence in a way that photos simply cannot.


A Special Place in Your Home

Give your pet the honor they deserve with a special spot on your family wall, a constant reminder of their love and presence.


The Personal Touch

Watercolor, acrylic, pencil, or a combination -- choose the medium that best reflects your pet's personality. Every size is available to fit perfectly in your home.


Cherish Forever

This one-of-a-kind portrait will be a treasure to cherish, a piece of art that holds a piece of your heart.

Hear from clients who've found joy and solace in their custom portraits:
Five Stars

Wendie captured my puppy's soul. This portrait is a forever piece on our wall.

A Happy Client

A Happy Client

Five Stars

Every detail of Wendie's work reflects heart and talent. Our family treasure.

Another Satisfied Customer

Another Satisfied Customer

Five Stars

The warmth and expression of my cat were captured perfectly. It's more than art; it's love.

Pet Lover

Pet Lover


Meet Wendie

Hi! I'm Wendie, the heart behind Tiny Art Stories

My passion lies in capturing the indescribable bond between pets and their families. Whether it's a joyful companion or a beloved pet who passed, my goal is to immortalize their spirit in art. Join me in this loving journey to create a masterpiece that will warm your home and heart.

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Remember, only 6 spots are available for this exclusive offer. Secure our place now to ensure your pet's story is told through the delicate and loving touch of my artistry.

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Your pet is more than just an animal

They're a pivotal part of your family, your life, and your heart. Let's create a timeless tribute that reflects the beauty and special bond you share. This is more than just an offer; it's an invitation to celebrate your pet's story in a way that lasts forever.

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